Joyce has been instrumental in clarifying our current culture and aiding in developing the culture I want to achieve within our company. She not only reveals the “blind spots” I had, but also offers a professional approach to personal development and improvement for stakeholders. I am grateful for the time we have worked together and can easily say Samet Corporation is a better company because of her involvement with me and my team.

Arthur Samet
Samet Corporation

When it comes to really understanding what makes us all tick, Joyce Richman and Associates are perceptive and smart. They’ve coached me through a wide variety of individual leadership and team development issues over the years. Across three different companies, I’ve benefited from the unique insights and extraordinary benefits of their coaching. Again and again, I’ve seen that it really is possible to make a good team great and to bring out the very best in human potential.

Grace Jenkins
President & CEO
National Able Network, Inc.

The Golden Rule doesn’t always work. Joyce can tell you why. More importantly, she can give you specific insights on what to do about it. Investing in personnel requires risk and is often the single greatest expenditure of time and money incurred by most businesses. Joyce Richman and Associates can help you navigate a dicey personnel situation, increase your chances of a successful hire, improve internal communication and much, much more.

Paul J. Megliola
Megliola Management Services

I’ve turned to Joyce Richman and Associates career coaching services for more than 13 years. In both group settings and one-on-one, we have achieved amazing outcomes. When grappling with performance and communication issues, they’ve offered clarity of focus that is invaluable. It’s amazing to me how calling for a little coaching, or help in changing perspective, can re-frame an issue and lead to new ways of successfully addressing it. Their objectivity and experience helps open your mind to the win-win outcome. Negative behaviors can send an employee spiraling down by their own hand. Joyce Richman and Associates helps you work smart. You see how your strengths and weaknesses play out and you see good reasons to change. This enlightenment, coupled with an action plan, not only helps you avoid career-destruction, but leads to new levels of success.

Michael J. Poston
Vice President for Advancement
Guilford College

Working with Joyce over a number of years, I’ve found her to be a quick study of organizations, people, and situations. She has been instrumental in my growth and development as both a business leader and a catalyst for change in my organization. Joyce helped me gain a 360-degree approach to my leadership and together we have found a style that fits my personality and who I am as a person. Joyce helped me unearth the confidence and thinking I needed to excel with my business, my team, and my career in ways I never could have imagined.

Chris Robins
President and CEO
Philips Oral Healthcare